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Baby Kid Expo 2010 April 27, 2010

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About 2 weeks ago, before we were plagued with strep my company Jack-Mat was apart of the Baby Kid Expo at the St. Charles Convention Center in St. Louis.  So I wanted to post about a few of my FAVORITE Vendors there!

Lollitops – an adorable hat that turns into a purse!  My girls just love these and they are super cute!  They are made by an amazing designer here in St. Louis!  Check them out!

I also loved this idea 3rcards I went to check them out because I was interested in there set up and I loved it!  They are a card reward system for kids!  I am not sure how else to describe them, but for years I have worked on my own chores/reward system and there it was all wrapped up in these adorable cards!  It was designed by a mother/daughter team who has used this system for over 20 years.  I just love the idea of those who create something very unique!

Thanks for letting me share!


Happy Earth Day! April 24, 2010

I have been missing in action for about a week, my youngest daughter had strep and then decided to share it with me 🙂  UGH!  So I am starting to get back into the swing of things and wanted to share some of my favorite green products that I use around the house!

For my laundry – it has been a joke with my family and friend but I bought nuts and balls (for my laundry) and I love them.  These Laundry Soap Nuts are super easy to use, there is no packaging to throw away in fact you can put the used laundry nuts in your compost when you are finished!  I really like them!

Then I bought these Dryer Balls they soften our clothes, I don’t need fabric softner and our laundry dries a little faster using less electricity!

I also added a composter to out kitchen – it adds color and I put everything from my coffee grounds to fruit/vege scraps in the container and then add it to my compost pile in the garden ( which I am getting ready to work on).  I bought mine in red and I love it!

Have a great day!


Upholstered Headboard Tutorial April 12, 2010

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My oldest daughter has been begging me for months to make her a headboard, and just like anything else it got put to the bottom of the list.  Well I finally got around to making the headboard and wanted to share this quick easy project with you!

First I took the measurements of her bed, she has a twin bed and it measures 39″ wide.  I then decided how tall I wanted the headboard to be!  My headboard measured 40″ x 30″ I wanted hers tall.  I used OSB as the base!

I then used 1/2 thick foam (could have used thicker) and cut it 1/2″ larger than the wood base! ( this makes sure the corners and edges are so sharp)

I then used batting (quilt batting works fine) and wrapped it around the foam and stapled it to the wood!

I then used the fabric my daughter had picked out and wrapped it around the batting.

We made legs from the OSB and attached them to the back of the headboard, however there are hooks that work just as well that you can use to mount the headboard! Why I put it off soooooo long, I have no idea, it only took about half an hour and the cost was minimal!

Thanks so much for letting me share!


Easter Table Ideas April 1, 2010

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With Easter right around the corner (I can’t believe its April and that it’s this weekend)  I was thinking about how to decorate the table for the holidays!  Although I am blessed this year, my mom is hosting it at her house! But we are doing a Easter hunt at church and I had some ideas for that!  Take a look!

I loved the idea of a stuffed bunny for the center piece – My girls have a ton of stuffed animals (bunnies too) and what a great place to use them!

I love this for the adult able:

I Loved these baskets and also thought they would make great craft projects for the kids!

And Lastly my favorite decoration!

Have a Blessed Day!