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Creative Children Art Display Ideas May 13, 2010

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With the end of the school year quickly approaching, it seems as though more and more papers are brought home from school.  The last thing I want to do is to throw it all away so I wanted to share some different ideas on how to display or store your childs masterpiece!

I love this idea of adding to the old artwork!  Look at this picture frame – the price is great!

Also for some you who like to DIY here are a few ideas!

Get Digital

Memorialize selected works— your child’s blue period, say, or her armless bodies phase— by scanning them into your computer and creating cool keepsakes. To make a glossy poster, scan 4 to 16 pieces, then visit shutterfly.com or snapfish.com for the poster design and printing (about $20 to $25). If you’d rather not handle the technical aspects, try a print shop— just call first to make sure they do scanning. Once the items are scanned, all you need to do is decide how you want them to look on the poster and choose the background.

Make It Magnetic

Updating the artwork on display isn’t difficult if you create a magnetic gallery. Use four coats of magnetic primer (Magic Wall, $36 for 32 ounces, kling.com), then cover it with the wall color of your choice. Mount artwork with super-strong magnets (regular fridge magnets won’t hold). Shape-Up! magnets from Three by Three Seattle ($8 per 4-pack at fridgedoor.com) are too big to swallow and come in a variety of colors and shapes such as stars, birds, and arrows.

Thanks for letting me share!



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