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New Year, New Resolutions January 11, 2011

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Happy New Year – Ok so it’s a little late, but none the less, I am trying to make a few changes – Like blogging more!  I spend hours on the computer a day, yet I can have every excuse not post a blog!    So What are some of your Resolutions for 2011.

I’d like to organize my pantry:

(Now you all can hold me to it!)

Redo my entry hall:

As you can see we need trim, which we should have done when we put the floor in!  Now we have to do it!

Update our Master Bath:

Those are just a few.  Of course I would like to lose weight and in fact I am on track for that so far, I joined 24 hour fitness and have been working out daily trying to reach my biggest goal of all :  Running a Half Marathon!

Hope this year will be full of success for us all!


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