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I have been lost…. In my own office April 22, 2012

See I just knew I should be more consistant on blogging, and I have no good excuse.  I have been burried in my sewing room for the last few months and look what happend !

This is the view to the left of the door, boxes of fabric ( Ok so I have a little fabric addiction)

This is where my incoming orders are kept – Ok Now I am embarrassed!

As you can see the space is very Small 6′ x 8′ but I am certain I can even move my office in here.  I am in desperate need of just a space for work.  When you work from home it can be extremely difficult to seperate the two (at least that is my problem)  But no more complaints……. over the next week I will take a look at some inspirational ideas and you can take a look at my progress!

Thanks for reading:)


Still Cleaning up and Organizing January 27, 2011

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So I did get around to figuring out how to organize my lazy susan and I opted to put pots and pans in it instead of food! I put the items I used the most and needed to get to often within easy reach and I really like it!


Later this week, ok it probably won’t happen this week but I have a goal of making this Mail Organizer for my office area.  Not to mention it is so cute!



Have a blessed day!



What’s in your Lazy Susan? January 24, 2011

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With the new year still fresh, I can’t help but to still be thinking about organization!  So as I posted earlier, I wanted to organize my pantry, however my lazy susan has always been a huge mess!

I think the bowls need to go somewhere else, and all the lids, ugh they are so frustrating.  So as I was looking for what to do with this space I found a couple of things I love!

Is that spice rack so cool, and for only $42.00.

What a great Idea!

Or do you keep food in your Lazy Susan!

Check back tomarrow and see what I decided!

Have a Blessed Day!