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Pinterest January 25, 2012

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My newest addiction, Pinterest.  If you haven’t heard of it you soon will.  It is the newest (well sort of) a extremely fast growing social media site.

Currently it is open by invite only, but don’t let that stop you.  It doesn’t take very long to get approval and before your know it your off and pinning.

Pinning is a great way to inspire and dream about anywhere from home decor, diy crafts to fitness!

Once you start I promise you won’t be able to stop!


Happy Pinning!!






Menu Planning Monday January 10, 2012

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As I mentionned in my earlier  blog posts one of my New Years Goals was being organized.  Well, I fully believe that menu planning is essential in maintaining your sanity with family and work.  If you know what’d for dinner that is one last thing you’ll need to stress about (especially when you have three hungry little ones)

Monday:  CROCKPOT  Sticky drumsticks and smashed potatoes

Tuesday:  Cheeseburger Soup

Wednesday:  Breakfast Dinner

Thursday:  Fish with brocolli and butter noodles

Friday:  Friends Over (Pizza)

Saturday:  CROCKPOT Easiest Ever Pork Chops with mashed potatoes and green beans

Sunday:  Must Goes (Everything in the Fridge MUST GO)




Are you getting organized? January 6, 2012

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With only 5 days into the new year I am still plugging along on making an effort to keep up with my new years goals ( which are pretty similar to last year, LOL)  So I found some great organizational sites that have a ton of free advice.





http://www.flylady.net/ – awesome for house cleaning

http://www.chorebuster.net/ – create free chore charts

http://www.cozi.com/live-simply?redir=home – awesome calendaar and has an App and links to outlook

Hopefully these websites will help you like they have helped me:)



Goals for 2012? What are yours? January 3, 2012

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I can’t believe that the Holidays are over, they flew by so quickly and now 2012 is here.  I really try not to say resolutions because somehow they never seem to work, but I do have goals for myself.  My first goal is to get the house cleaned up from the Holidays.


Here are 15 Ways to Declutter your Home from the Holidays



Happy New Year,




May 28, 2011

I’ve been thinking about replacing a light fixture above my kitchen table and found this!

Watermill Residence Interiors contemporary dining room


Grey & White Entry eclectic


Brown Davis Interiors, Inc. traditional staircase
Wetmore Residence traditional hall
Grunsfeld Shafer Architects › North Shore Modern modern hall
So what do you think????
You can purchase it online for $290.00 ( A Little out of my budget)  Here’s a link



But Julia from Chris Loves Julia made this string wrapped pendent for a fraction of the cost,  less than $30!!!!


Head on over to Chris Loves Julia to see the whole tutorial.

Have a great weekend!!!


168 Hours April 26, 2011

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What exactly is 168 hours?  That is how many hours we have a week.  I have been ready and trying to put into action this book:


I have been very busy, thankfully with orders and family and have in the mean time neglected my Blog!  I like to blog but feel as though at the end of the day I don’t have the time.  This book is helping me to realize the time I have, what is the most important use of my time and to set goals that are achievable!

I encourage any of you who may be struggling with time management to check out the book and blog.  I do hope to keep up on posts and become a better blogger!

God Bless!


What’s in your Lazy Susan? January 24, 2011

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With the new year still fresh, I can’t help but to still be thinking about organization!  So as I posted earlier, I wanted to organize my pantry, however my lazy susan has always been a huge mess!

I think the bowls need to go somewhere else, and all the lids, ugh they are so frustrating.  So as I was looking for what to do with this space I found a couple of things I love!

Is that spice rack so cool, and for only $42.00.

What a great Idea!

Or do you keep food in your Lazy Susan!

Check back tomarrow and see what I decided!

Have a Blessed Day!