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Pinterest January 25, 2012

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My newest addiction, Pinterest.  If you haven’t heard of it you soon will.  It is the newest (well sort of) a extremely fast growing social media site.

Currently it is open by invite only, but don’t let that stop you.  It doesn’t take very long to get approval and before your know it your off and pinning.

Pinning is a great way to inspire and dream about anywhere from home decor, diy crafts to fitness!

Once you start I promise you won’t be able to stop!


Happy Pinning!!






Fresh Herbs May 27, 2011

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With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time for fresh fruits and vegetables.  So since I don’t have much of a green thumb, I thought I’d try out herbs.  How hard can it be?  So thinking of these ideas,  What do you grow herbs in a planter or a garden?

(I think this is the One , I love the ladder and I already have one to use – even better!!!)

Have a Blessed Day!!!


Still Cleaning up and Organizing January 27, 2011

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So I did get around to figuring out how to organize my lazy susan and I opted to put pots and pans in it instead of food! I put the items I used the most and needed to get to often within easy reach and I really like it!


Later this week, ok it probably won’t happen this week but I have a goal of making this Mail Organizer for my office area.  Not to mention it is so cute!



Have a blessed day!



Weekend Project Update January 11, 2011

I noticed that Christmas had since passed but I managed to leave my lovely Christmas wreath up.  Well I found this amazing fabric wreath tutorial over at The DIY Show Off and thought I would try one out for myself!

I just loved how it turned out – Click on the picture below for the tutorial – It was so easy!!!!!

Lastly, I plan on making this for our hall bath!  So cute!



Thanks for letting me share!  Have a Blessed Day!!



New Year, New Resolutions

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Happy New Year – Ok so it’s a little late, but none the less, I am trying to make a few changes – Like blogging more!  I spend hours on the computer a day, yet I can have every excuse not post a blog!    So What are some of your Resolutions for 2011.

I’d like to organize my pantry:

(Now you all can hold me to it!)

Redo my entry hall:

As you can see we need trim, which we should have done when we put the floor in!  Now we have to do it!

Update our Master Bath:

Those are just a few.  Of course I would like to lose weight and in fact I am on track for that so far, I joined 24 hour fitness and have been working out daily trying to reach my biggest goal of all :  Running a Half Marathon!

Hope this year will be full of success for us all!


Mason Jar Decorating (and more!) August 31, 2010

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As I browse through the stores, I am starting to see a lot of mason jars stocked up.  There may be some of you who do canning ( I wish I knew how) but there are so many other uses for mason jars I thought I share a few.  Also maybe give some inspiration to some fall decorations!

I have had a book with a ton of these great mason Jar mixes and plan every year on making them for teachers, friends and family.  Here are a ton of great recipes!

YUMMMMM!  Check out these Mason Jar Cakes!

I am now hungry!  Enjoy!!!!!


Classic Decorating with Silhouettes August 27, 2010

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I had one of these made of my oldest son when he was just a baby, never could find someone else to do my other two children.  I just love silhouettes, they are timeless and make such a huge statement.  Here are just a few ideas on how to display your silhouettes.

Wouldn’t you just love to make your own Silhoutte Bulletin Board – Click Here!
Ok so I am getting inspired and found this great easy tutorial HERE!