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Goals for 2012? What are yours? January 3, 2012

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I can’t believe that the Holidays are over, they flew by so quickly and now 2012 is here.  I really try not to say resolutions because somehow they never seem to work, but I do have goals for myself.  My first goal is to get the house cleaned up from the Holidays.


Here are 15 Ways to Declutter your Home from the Holidays



Happy New Year,




What’s in your Lazy Susan? January 24, 2011

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With the new year still fresh, I can’t help but to still be thinking about organization!  So as I posted earlier, I wanted to organize my pantry, however my lazy susan has always been a huge mess!

I think the bowls need to go somewhere else, and all the lids, ugh they are so frustrating.  So as I was looking for what to do with this space I found a couple of things I love!

Is that spice rack so cool, and for only $42.00.

What a great Idea!

Or do you keep food in your Lazy Susan!

Check back tomarrow and see what I decided!

Have a Blessed Day!